Dbvisit Database Protection

Secure Your Oracle Standard Edition Database

Data is the most valuable asset for every organisation. But is your Oracle Standard Edition database that stores data, secure enough? It is a straightforward yet critical question that signifies the need for a comprehensive and secure disaster recovery solution. DataPatrol is here to help!
We have partnered with Dbvisit Software to offer comprehensive database protection on Oracle – Dbvisit Standby, a reliable and cost-effective DR solution. It provides database continuity by intelligently creating, synchronising and administering Standby Databases. The solution is meticulously designed and delivered to work efficiently with on-premise, cloud or hybrid configurations. Here are some reasons to choose Dbvisit Standby.

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Reasons to Choose Dbvisit Standby

From the ease of installation to increased value and return on investment, these five reasons make choosing Dbvisit Standby evident and a prudent choice for companies.

  • Simple to install and manage

    A graphical UI and command-line access simplify the installation, configuration and administration of Dbvisit Standby. It helps you create standby databases and include everything required to manage them seamlessly.

  • Reliability and Security

    Your data remains secure during the process via encrypted communication between all the Dbvisit Standby components.

  • Higher Control

    You achieve higher control over your standby database environment, thus reducing the herculean effort involved in managing it and allowing you to focus on your core activities. Additionally, during failures, Dbvisit Standby ensures that your standby database is ready in minutes, thus saving time and reducing the amount of downtime.

  • Flexibility

    Dbvisit Standby supports cloud, on-premise and hybrid configurations and integrates with various database platforms. It does so while maintaining an application-centric focus.

  • Higher Value and RoI

    You can leverage enterprise-level Disaster Recovery functionality without buying Oracle Enterprise Edition. Not to forget, deploying Dbvisit Standby provides peace of mind, as it eliminates the stress of unreliable and untested code. Its expert end-to-end support ensures seamless software operations with all Oracle updates, upgrades and the latest OS versions.

Dbvisit Standby Features

Some of Dbvisit Standby features include the following:

  • Efficient creation of a standby database
  • Simplification of database management
  • Integrated reporting replicas and test/dev snapshots
  • Automated fail-over capability
  • Compression and encryption for archive log transportation
  • Graceful switchover with zero data loss

For a list full of features, please download the Dbvisit Standby datasheet