Carbonite (formerly known as Double Take)

While companies deploy the latest and the best technologies to avoid database downtimes and data losses, sometimes these instances are inevitable. In many cases, the business has to be shut down until complete recovery! To avoid situations like these, we’ve partnered with now Carbonite. Carbonite offers renowned products like Carbonite Availability and Carbonite Move. Here’s more to both.

Carbonite Availability

Carbonite Availability is a replication software product that helps IT companies maintain the highest availability of Linux and Windows servers and prevent data loss.
It uses a patented replication technology that captures changes at the byte level and replicates them between any source and target environment.
In critical or potentially disastrous situations, it invoking failover to the secondary location. The recovery point can be current. Or, the systems can be reverted to an earlier point before the disaster’s occurrence.

Carbonite Availability (Double Take Replication) with Data Patrol Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The software product offers features including the following.:

  • Straightforward and non-disruptive testing
  • Regular alerts and reporting
  • 3-tier compressions to reduce network impact
  • Integrated DNS management
  • Availability of automatic failover
  • Comprehensive API
  • Data encryption, in flight, in between the source and the target

Benefits include the following:

Continuous replication that maintains a secondary copy without letting the primary system or network bandwidth affect

  • Almost no impact on performance
  • Exceptionally quick failovers that reduce downtime
  • Comprehensive platform support for physical, virtual and cloud-based systems

Carbonite Move

Data migration between servers is an intricate process. Often, companies delay migration owing to the downtime involved in it. But these delays cost opportunities, high IT costs and agility that can hurt the business. Carbonite Move proves a solution here. It uses live, byte-level replication to create a replica of the database, data, application or server under migration. It helps optimise bandwidth efficiency, sending little data chunks, incorporating various compression levels and enabling bandwidth throttling.

Carbonite Availability (Double Take Replication) with Data Patrol Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    Some benefits of Carbonite Move include the following:

  • Seamless and non-disruptive testing
  • Freedom from lock-in to a particular hypervisor, cloud or hardware
  • Streamlined and automated migrations
  • No downtime or data loss with structured and repeatable migration

Optimise your system availability and the benefits of Carbonite Availability and Carbonite Move with Datapatrol technologies. Please email us at to learn more.