Database Replication Services in the UK

Database replication and disaster recovery are significant elements of contemporary business operations. They aid business continuity. Hence, they have a prominent place in the modern digitally-driven business environment. Accordingly, it is critical for every company to seek expert DBA services in the UK that ensure comprehensive and efficient database replication and disaster recovery becomes somewhat imperative. If you are looking for such a partner, DataPatrol covers you!

At DataPatrol, we are one of the leading Oracle apps DBA and offshore DBA support service providers with years of experience and a team of qualified and certified Oracle DBAs. We’ve partnered with Dbvisit and carbonite (former double take) - world leaders in Disaster Recovery and Management solutions to offer their products to our clients.

Oracle Database Replication Services & software In UK- Data Patrol Technologies Pvt. Ltd

About Dbvisit

Dbvisit Software is a team of disaster recovery and Oracle database replication specialists. We’ve partnered with Dbvisit to offer comprehensive and trustworthy solutions - Dbvisit Standby and Dbvisit Replicate. These are Oracle Database replication software and migration solutions designed by database administrators for database administrators. They are straightforward and save costs in the long run. Together, we ensure business continuity in events of disasters, upgrade to the latest database technology, and support your digital solutions and services with the latest information to enable effective and informed business decisions.

Oracle Database Replication Services & software In UK- Data Patrol Technologies Pvt. Ltd

As partners of carbonite (former double take), We offer Carbonite Availability and Carbonite Move, powered by DoubleTake software to ensure business continuity of Windows and Linux servers.

As the name suggests, Carbonite Availability enables IT organisations to optimise the availability of their Windows and Linux servers. It does so by preventing downtime and data loss via a continuous replication process that keeps a secondary copy without affecting the primary system or network bandwidth.
Carbonite Availability offers support for physical, virtual or cloud source systems or target environments. Hence, it proves a comprehensive and well-suited database replication software for companies nurturing a mixed IT environment.

Carbonite Move helps seamlessly migrate Linux, Windows, and SQL physical, virtual and cloud workloads with minimal risk and almost no downtime. It leverages efficient real-time, byte-level replication technology to build a replica of various elements like data, application, database or entire server under migration. Additionally, it keeps these factors aligned with the production system. You can validate the migrated data without disrupting business operations. The downtime is only seconds or minutes to cutover to the new server.

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