Oracle Database (DBA) Services & Solutions in United Kingdom

Count on Us for Comprehensive & Flexible Oracle DBA Support in the UK!

Are you looking for trusted Oracle DBA support in the UK? Partner with Data Patrol Technologies, one of the UK’s leading Oracle DBA service providers with over a decade of experience and an unmatched reputation across the technology landscape.
As comprehensive Oracle DBA experts, we provide Oracle DBA services to businesses of varying sizes and domains. Our team comprises several Oracle Certified professionals trained in providing remote Oracle DBA support in the UK.
Our DBA professionals understand the client’s database architecture and leverage various monitoring tools and disaster recovery management techniques to ensure continuous and effective DBA monitoring and support. Additionally, our comprehensive service support involves everything from installation to designing, monitoring, load balancing, failover, and disaster management. Here’s more to our services.

Remote DBA Support and Services in the UK

  • Database Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Database Upgrade

Database Monitoring Services

Keep your database optimized at all times with our remote DBA monitoring services. Our DBA experts connect to remote networks and, while monitoring your database, perform various checks to maintain the health of your database.
We follow the best practices for health checks that blend Oracle-provided utilities and OS-based in-house custom scripts.
Additionally, our proactive approach involves sending email alerts to help you prepare for disruption and tackle it before it surfaces. We nurture a team of DBA experts with nearly a decade of experience in third-party monitoring tools like Appworx.

Database Tuning Services

Database tuning forms an essential part of our Oracle DBA support proposition in the UK. We help optimise the performance of small, large OLTP, and OLAP environment databases through well-defined systems and organised procedures. Our experience and expertise in remote DBA services enable us to comprehend specific database needs and apply the tuning strategies required for various databases.
In addition, our proficiency in various operating systems helps us resolve critical issues via our remote DBA services. We specialise in various database tuning services, including SQL tuning, database memory tuning, operating system tuning, and OEM configuration tuning for performance analysis.

Disaster Recovery Management and Data Backup Services

We specialise in ensuring end-to-end disaster recovery management and data backup using online and offline methods. Our DBA professionals restore your databases in the least possible time to ensure business continuity. They use synchronised and asynchronous replication techniques, RMAN, Legatto and Veritas backup administration to create a backup of your data.

Database Upgrade Services

Upgrades form an essential part of database management. Upgrading your database as and when required is crucial to maintain its efficiency and keep your data secure. Our Oracle DBA services include database upgrades starting from version 7.1.6 upto 19c & the latest 21c. Our process involves the following steps.

Upgrade Process Flow

  • Requirement Analysis and Upgrade Strategy
  • Analyze New Version Features
  • Upgrade on a Test Environment
  • Actual Successful Upgrade
  • Sanity Check and Monitoring (for post upgrade issues)

Why Choose Data Patrol for Oracle DBA Support in the UK?

  • Over 90 per cent of customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational cost by 35-40 per cent
  • Unmatched uptime and least business disruption
  • Comprehensive environment support, including Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.
  • Experience in DataGuard, RAC and increasing database resilience
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